List of Online Critique Groups

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List of Online Critique Groups

List of Online Critique Groups

  • scribophile  (sorry, will add links later 🙂
  • writerscafe
  • aylad’s writer’s group
  • Authonomy
  • inkpop
  • the write-brained network
  • Critique Circle Online Writing Workshop
  • Nothing Binding
  • Review Fuse
  • Hatrack Wrters Workshop
  • Absolute Write Water cooler
  • BookRix
  • The Writer’s Beat

This list was taken mainly from this other blog post, but I hope to update it regularly, as I receive new information.  If you would like to me to add your group/website/post to this list, then let me know.

Here is another blogger’s view of online critique groups that I found funny.

Here is a forum discussion on Librarything that seemed to cover the flaws of online critique groups.

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